Speaking Engagements

Here is a list of my upcoming speaking engagements. If you would like a private training session, please get in touch: kevinscottmcgowan@gmail.com.

Weekly – WednesdaysProject 180Weekly Project Management Meetups (Starting January 17)Register
January 2024PMI InternationalBleeding Edge PM: Managing web3 ProjectsRegister
February 2024PMI InternationalStudent’s Guide to Project Managementcoming soon
March 2024PMI InternationalWhen Life Intervenes: Guiding a team through crisescoming soon

Past Engagements

October 15, 2022PMI OVOCManaging Learning Projects25 people in attendance!
November 3, 2022Private SessionThe Basics of Project Management20 people in attendance!
November 23, 2022PMI UKIn the Know: Planning Knowledge Projects80 people in attendance!
November 29, 2022PMI InternationalThe Paper Podcast880 people in attendance!
December 10, 2022PMI OVOCThe Paper Podcast15 people in attendance!
January 12, 2023Private SessionAgile Project Management Best Practices15 people in attendance!
February 9, 2023PMI UKThe Paper Podcast30 people in attendance!
April 4, 2023PMI InternationalPlanning Knowledge Projects Part 1: Defining the Needs1553 people in attendance!
April 11, 2023Algonquin CollegeTalk with Project Management students! Ask Me Anything!50 students in attendance!
April 13, 2023PMI InternationalPlanning Knowledge Projects Part 2: Determining the Objectives1700 people in attendance!
May 16, 2023PMI InternationalPlanning Knowledge Projects Part 3: Building and Finishing the Project1900 people in attendance!
May 29, 2023PMI New BrunswickThe Paper Podcast20 people in attendance!
May 30, 2023PMI Newfoundland and LabradorSqueeze! Fit your knowledge projects into agile sprints!10 people in attendance!
June 6, 2023Interview with Tara Lehman, Amplifying Leadership PodcastTalking about leadership and my career journey. Podcast interview.
June 13, 2023Kevin McGowanWhat is Agile, Anyway?15 people! Thank you!
June 20, 2023Kevin McGowanManaging Knowledge Projects10 people! Thanks!
August 30, 2023Project 180Virtual Meetup5 people, great chat!
September 14, 2023PMI TorontoPlanning Knowledge Projects54 people! Thank you!!
September 27, 2023Project 180Virtual Meetup7 people, great chat!
October 25, 2023Project 180Virtual Meetup10 people!
November 13, 2023St. Lawrence College, KingstonClassroom Talk / Q&A30 people!
November 15, 2023Project 180Virtual Meetup12 people!
November 22, 2023PMI OVOCBleeding Edge PM: Managing web3 Projects40 people in the room! Great conference!