I am a dedicated and results-driven Project Leader with a passion for empowering small organizations, including non-profits and tech startups, to achieve their goals. With a proven track record in project leadership, I specialize in delivering successful outcomes through effective planning, execution, and stakeholder collaboration.

Key Skills:

  • Project Management: Proven ability to lead and manage projects from initiation to completion, ensuring on-time delivery within budget constraints.
  • Non-Profit Expertise: Specialized in working with non-profits, understanding their unique challenges, and implementing tailored solutions to drive mission success.
  • Tech Startup Focus: Adept at navigating the dynamic environment of tech startups, providing strategic guidance and project management expertise to support growth and innovation.
  • Facilitation Skills: As a skilled facilitator, I excel in fostering collaboration, enhancing team dynamics, and ensuring open communication channels for effective problem-solving.
  • Coaching: Passionate about personal and professional development, I offer coaching services to individuals and teams, leveraging my experience to help them achieve their full potential.

With a commitment to excellence and a people-centric approach, I thrive in dynamic environments, driving positive change and facilitating success for both organizations and individuals.